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Commentator Mike Parry has warned of the rise in "sectarian politics" in Britain following last week's General Election, as four constituencies saw MP's win after running on Gaza-led campaigns.

Shockat Adam of Leicester South, Adnan Hussain of Blackburn, Iqbal Mohamed of Dewsbury and Batley and Ayoub Khan of Birmingham Perry Barr all became Independent MPs in their constituencies after focusing their campaigns heavily on pro-Palestine beliefs.

Shockat Adam, who beat Labour's Jonathan Ashworth, declared in his victory speech to voters that "this is for Gaza".

Discussing the MPs on GB News, Mike Parry warned that the constituents in those areas will find those representing them "will not be interested" in issues affecting the community.

Parry fumed: "It's sectarian politics, we've got to accept that there is sectarian politics now.

"And I don't think any constituent in any of what you might now call the sectarian political constituencies would expect the person representing the Commons to be interested in potholes, they're only interested in Gaza."

Agreeing with Parry, former Labour MP Stephen Pound questioned "what kind of service" the four Independent MPs will offer their constituencies, given their main element of their campaigns was focused on the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Pound explained: "Don't forget, there's also four independents who are pro-Gaza. What sort of a service are they going to give their constituents if you get elected overwhelmingly on a pro-Palestinian, pro-Gaza ticket?

"If somebody's going to come to their MP and complain about potholes, or that they can't get their kid into school, they're going to be told 'well Israel are so-and-so's', and it's going to be very difficult."


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Turning the discussion to the Conservatives and their defeat in the election, Parry urged the new opposition to "bang their heads together", as he predicted that Labour will only be in power for "five years".

Parry told GB News: "I thought it was a mistake to call the election when Sunak did, but now after the election, I'm glad it happened, because the House of Commons I've seen now does not represent the House of Commons that I want to run this country.

"I sincerely believe now it will focus people's minds, and I think it's going to be so badly run for the next five years, and it will only be five years."

Criticising the Conservatives, Parry added: "I think the opposition to the present government have now got to bang their heads together. Can we have an alliance of Conservatives and Reform to present a solid and efficient alternative to what's going on?"

Sharing his thoughts on Reform UK, Pound claimed that they will "not prop up the Conservatives" as the opposition against Labour.

Pound told GB News: "We'll see when the votes come in on individual votes, just to see whether the five Reform MPs will vote with the government.

"But I don't think that the five Reform MPs are going to prop up the Conservative government."

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