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A GB News viewer was left "astounded" after his local gym refused to continue showing the channel on their screens.

John Bailey is a regular member of the Nuffield Health gym in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and has been using their facilities "since its inception".

However, the 74-year-old former policeman was shocked when the People's Channel was removed, claiming his "democratic right" to watch the GB News channel had been denied at the gym.

The gym has four TV screens, which are tuned into different channels. Three display ITV News, BBC News and Sky News, while the fourth had recently changed from BT Sports to the 'in-house' Nuffield Health PR video.

Last month, Bailey asked for GB News to be shown on the fourth TV screen in the main fitness room of the gym.

His request was granted and GB News was shown on the TV screen for a couple of weeks.

Everything seemed "all sweetness and light," Bailey told GB News.

However, on July 1, GB News was taken off the screen and Bailey was told that the channel could not be shown anymore as there had been "lots of complaints from members".

When Bailey asked what channel could be shown instead, he said the member of staff said: "Anything except GB News."

He exclaimed: "I was astounded!"

Bailey was sceptical that there had been lots of complaints, insisting: "If they had had complaints over the previous two or three weeks, somebody would have done something about it."


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Bailey, who has been a regular viewer of GB News, felt so unhappy with the incident he sent a formal complaint to the CEO of Nuffield Health, however at the time of writing, he had not had a written response back.

In his complaint, Bailey said the incident had "implications for the democratic freedom of the press to operate in this country and the democratic rights of the gym's members".

Unsure about the stance of Nuffield Health on showing GB News, he asked: "Is this ban on GB News sanctioned by Nuffield Health?"

The 74-year-old, who is originally from Leeds but has lived in Wakefield for 40 years, said the incident at the gym has led him to "look elsewhere" for a place to exercise.

Speaking to GB News, Bailey highlighted the importance of freedom of speech in the country stating: "Freedoms mean a great deal to me."

Nuffield Health told GB News: "Across our Fitness and Wellbeing Centres we display a select number of agreed mainstream TV channels on our screens in the shared member areas.

"It’s important to note that members do have access to a broader range of TV channels on the cardio machines to accommodate individual viewing preferences."

They also said: "Whilst we’re confident the appropriate process was followed in this instance; we are looking into whether it was managed sensitively."

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