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The Met Office and UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) have predicted exactly when warmer conditions are set to return to the UK.

Brits have been so far disappointed with the Summer so far, having experienced June frosts and a showery July.

However, conditions are expected to improve with sunny spells and warmer temperatures set to return in just days.

According to a forecast of potential heat hazards over the next 6-15 days issued jointly by the UKHSA and the Met Office, there is a chance of warmer weather returning as Britain is enveloped in warmer air being dragged up from the continent.

The forecast, issued on July 5 read: “A chance for some warmer spells especially in the east or southeast at first, as southerly winds pull warmer air up from the continent with temperatures likely above average for a time.

“While eastern parts see settled conditions, western parts likely to still see some unsettled spells and closer to average temperatures.”

Issuing an update on the threat of extreme heat in which the Government department would need to put out an alert, the UKHSA and Met Office wrote: “Despite the settled conditions and warmer air in the east, there are currently no signs of prolonged or extreme heat as changeable conditions return again into the following week with temperatures most likely near average or slightly below with the return of more unsettled weather across the UK.”

According to the Met Office’s UK long range forecast for July 11 to 20, much of Britain looks to see some sunny spells returning but adds that it will likely not be exactly what Brits are hoping for.

The national forecaster wrote: “Many places should see a day or two of fine weather with some sunny spells, albeit on the cool side for July.”

However, the Met Office suggests that not all Britons will receive their fair share of sunshine.

The forecast continued: “A transition back to rather more changeable conditions looks most likely, though with northwest-southeast split in fortunes.

“Northwestern areas will probably see more in the way of cloud and rain, whereas southeastern parts stand a better chance of longer periods of dry weather.

“However, some rain may extend further southeast across all parts of the UK at times.”

The forecast adds: “Temperatures will probably pan out close to average overall, though some warmer weather is possible in the south coincident with drier, sunnier periods.”

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