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Conservative activists saw a Trans flag flying in Conservative Party Headquarters, GB News can reveal.

Multiple Conservative volunteers and activists told this broadcaster they spotted the pink and blue flag supporting Transgenderism on the desk of a Conservative Party staffer in their London HQ.

A Tory source told GB News: “I saw a Trans flag in CCHQ [Conservative Party Headquarters].”

“This shows how far the rot has gone in the Conservative Party.”

“Though not all Tory staff are woke of course, and many of my fellow Conservatives who saw the flag were appalled.”

“How can we expect to win over Conservative voters when our own staff are Trans activists?

“This is crazy,” he concluded.

Connor Tomlinson, a commentator from the centre-Right outlet the Lotus Eaters, told this broadcaster: “It is unsurprising to learn that intersectionality has infested the very heart of the Conservative party.”

“While covering my first Conference in 2021, Carrie Johnson delivered a speech to the LGBT+ Conservatives, who hosted the opening dinner and closing party attended by Cabinet ministers.”

“At it, she thanked Mermaids and Stonewall -- two organisations responsible for the damaging policies and climate of censorship at Tavistock, and toxicity of the broader trans debate -- for supplying the drinks.”

Tomlinson continued: “If you cannot conserve the fundamental distinction between the sexes, which are the foundation of the family unit, then what exactly can you conserve?”

“Pandering to grievance-mongering NGOs, and activists who would rather see your party dead than win an election, is exactly why the Tories lost their majority.”

The news comes after GB News revealed leaked messages from a Tory activist group chat showing concern over the rising vote for Reform.

One veteran Conservative activist told this broadcaster that he as “never had anything like it as a Tory, Reform are sweeping us away”.

“Typical responses I’ve heard on the doorstep include: ‘Yes mate with Reform all day long’, ‘I would vote Reform 10 times over if I could’, ‘Priti Patel is a relative of mine, I like her but I’m still voting Reform’, ‘Reform definitely and that’s me and this whole household all of us’, ‘Our whole family and my son who lives elsewhere are all Reform’.”

Harrison Pitt, a senior editor at The European Conservative and a political commentator at the New Culture Forum, said: “Only recently, Boris Johnson was wheeled out by CCHQ to try and discredit the Reform Party with his usual shallowness: ‘Don’t let the Putinistas deliver the Corbynistas!’”

“Funnily enough, one suspects that both Putin and Corbyn would be thrilled to learn—albeit for different reasons—that the Tories have not only embraced the sterilising sexual politics of woke progressivism, but drape their own headquarters in its liturgical symbols.”

“They have abandoned any pretence of being solid conservatives.”

“Oblivion must be their punishment.”

Opinion polls suggest the Conservatives face a challenging election as polls open tomorrow.

Debates of Trans issues have split the Conservative Party in recent years, with many Conservative MPs coming out in support of so-called “Trans rights” and others arguing in favour of protecting women’s spaces from biological men.

The Conservative Party were approached for comment.

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