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Jay Slater's uncle said he does not believe the police in Tenerife have taken the search for the missing teenager seriously as he branded it a "massive let down".

Police called off a search for the 19-year-old two weeks after he disappeared on June 17.

His uncle, Glen Duncan said to wants to "burst into the police station" and make police follow "every single lead".

Slater's family said they are "heartbroken and devastated" as they continue efforts to find the apprentice bricklayer.

"I don't know if they're following up every single lead. I feel like marching down there myself and bursting into the police station," Duncan told The Sun.

"What are they actually doing now, the police, I mean they're not searching with the helicopter are they?

"Are they doing door to door inquiries or sitting there looking at CCTV images?"

Spanish police searched the area where Slater's phone signal was last located, however the missing teen is yet to be found.


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The 19-year-old travelled to an Airbnb in the village of Masca with people he met at the NRG musical festival on Sunday, June 16.

He rang his friend Lucy Law at 8am local time the next day to say he had missed his bus, his phone had just one per cent battery and he would walk home instead.

His last known location was in the mountainous Rural de Teno Park.

Duncan added: "We're still holding onto hope - we have to because we don't know.

"It's just torture every day. It's got to a point now where the sadness has gone and it's just anger."

Duncan also said he was "baffled" by the police decision to rule out two men who Jay spent the night with at the Airbnb before he vanished.

"Why would two lads hire a villa up here? They're down on the strip, you know what it's like down there," he said.

"There's millions of apartments and hotels down there in Los Cristianos and Las Americas. Straight away, that's just suspicious in itself.

"Then apparently one who has been found came out and said he arrived alive and left alive. That line in itself is suspicious."

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