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Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer has been criticised for the UK's "unfair" voting system after wiping out Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives in the latest General Election.

The Labour leader was first-past-the-post as he secured a majority with over 400 seats, knocking the Tories down to just 121 seats.

However, despite winning over four million votes and coming second place in almost 100 constituencies across the country, Nigel Farage and the Reform UK party managed to secure just five seats in Parliament.

Speaking to GB News, 19-year-old voter Alex Metcalfe claimed the current voting structure creates "a two-party system", and doesn't allow other successful parties such as Reform UK and the Liberal Democrats more of a voice in the House of Commons.

Revealing that he voted for Reform UK, Metcalfe criticised the new Prime Minister and said the Labour government "don't have a real mandate to govern", following the result.

He explained: "Reform got 4.1 million votes in this election, and they equate it to five seats. Liberal Democrats got 3.5 million votes, and that equated to 71 seats.

"In 98 constituencies the Reform Party finished second, and the Labour Party had a vote share of 35 per cent.

"That's lower than what they had under Corbyn in 2017 and 2019. So as far as I'm concerned, I don't think they have a real mandate to govern."

Responding to Metcalfe's claim, host Nana Akua agreed that a lot of Britons feel the system "isn't fair", but it is something the country now "has to deal with".


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Nana told GB News: "A lot of people feel that it's a bit unfair - but having said that, now we are where we are, we have to deal with it."

When asked for his views on the Labour Party and Keir Starmer as the new Prime Minister, Metcalfe admitted that he "doesn't trust" the new leader of Britain.

Metcalfe revealed: "Unfortunately, on the first-past-the-post, we create a two-party system. So I'm not very happy.

"Labour are really the only credible opposition, but I don't trust Keir Starmer as a leader."

Hitting out at Starmer further, Metcalfe added: "I think he doesn't have much charisma, he's quite boring, to put it bluntly."

In one of his first actions as Prime Minister, Starmer today announced that he would be scrapping Sunak's Rwanda plan for immigration.

Speaking at a press conference about his plans for the country, Starmer said: "The Rwanda scheme was dead and buried before it started. It's never been a deterrent.

"I'm not prepared to continue with gimmicks that don't act as a deterrent."

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