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The British Embassy in Washington spent £10,836.20 of taxpayer money on a Pride mural above a ‘Little Gay Pub’ in America, GB News can reveal.

A Freedom of Information Request (FOI), submitted by this broadcaster, found that a mural depicting a red phone box covered in LGBT colours above The Little Gay Pub in Washington DC cost the taxpayer just over £10,000.

The mural was painted in February this year and was praised by the British Ambassador to America, Dame Karen Pierce, who inaugurated the image saying: “The core values of equality and inclusion that America and Britain share are now immortalised on this wall for years to come”.

Harry Robinson, a commentator on the centre-Right outlet the Lotus Eaters, told GB News: “British taxpayer money would be better spent in Britain or on our priorities, not funding murals above gay bars.”

“It is shameful the British Ambassador in America, who is infamously woke, continues to endorse LGBT ideology and thinks she can waste our money supporting her pet projects.”

“They are spitting in the face of hard working Brits who give up their hard earned money to the government, who in turn decide to spend it on LGBT paintings.”

“The Conservative Party are to blame for this entirely.

“This story is yet another to heap on the mountain of humiliations we the British people have to endure day after day.”

“The values of ‘equality and inclusion’ have been forced upon us and are not values that any Briton would have recognised prior to the 60s.”

The news comes after GB News revealed that the British Embassy spent more than £50,000 on pride parties and celebrations in 2022 and 2023.

Of that tens of thousands of pounds was funded by taxpayers and was spent on pride floats, flags and drinks for people to celebrate LGBT issues at the Embassy.

Jack Montgomery, deputy editor of the conservative-news website The National Pulse, said: “The British Embassy should be laser-focused on advancing British interests in the world's superpower.”

“Instead, it's squandering five-figure sums on progressive stunts like a low-rent Labour council.”

“You have to ask, why are officials even authorised to spend money on woke murals?”

“Why, after 14 years of Conservative government, are there still no meaningful checks on embassies, government agencies, and state-funded institutions spending public money on any old rubbish?”

Upon the mural’s opening earlier this year, Dame Karen told an American Left-wing LGBT magazine, Advocate, that “It’s very good to be able to celebrate the diversity in both U.K. life and U.S. life”.

The magazine said the Ambassador told them the mural serves as a “modern manifestation” of the demographic shifts and enduring bonds between the UK and US.

The money came from the GREAT Challenge Fund, a taxpayer funded project which promotes “the UK’s culture, history, arts, music, sport, leading tech, and food & drink” according to the Foreign Office.

Anna McGovern, a broadcaster and commentator, said: “The fact that the British Embassy in Washington spent over £10,000 of taxpayer money on a Pride mural highlights a deeply disturbing trend in our institutions prioritising ideological displays over genuine diplomatic and national interests.”

“It can only raise serious questions about the use of public funds and the true priorities of our diplomatic corps.”

“There is no debate that this money would be much better directed towards resources that truly serve the interests of the people, rather than spending thousands on a Pride mural above a “Little Gay Pub”.”

The FCDO defended spending taxpayer money on the gay mural, saying in their response to GB News’s FOI: “Such activity leverages British culture, tradition, and innovation to support tourism, business, and educational wins, as well as to advance UK Government priorities.”

“The mural, which depicts the traditional British red phone box, has been well-received by communities in Washington D.C.”

“All Government spend undergoes rigorous oversight to ensure that we continue to champion the UK overseas while delivering best value.”

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