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Boris Johnson has issued a ten-point plan to the Tories as they face a period in opposition against Sir Keir Starmer.

The former Prime Minister said it was "miserable to watch" Labour sweep to a landslide majority in the General Election and called on the remaining 121 Conservative MPs to "hold this Starmergeddon majority to account."

Johnson, who was ousted by his own MPs in 2022 following a series of scandals, also cited Nigel Farage for the Labour landslide, calling him a "cheroot-puffing Pied Piper of Clacton."

The former Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP has set out ten ways in which the Tories can crawl back power at the next General Election.

Johnson issued warnings over immigration, housing, Brexit, Levelling Up, crime, Net Zero, tax, public service, wokery and Global Britain.

On Brexit, he said: "Starmer is going to try to sneak back into the EU, and turn this country into a satrapy of Brussels. He will try to make this country subject to EU rules, but with no say in making those rules – an anti-democratic abomination. Go critical on this from the outset."

On Net Zero, he said: "It’s the right idea – provided we use it to promote UK green technology, and millions of UK private-sector jobs. Starmer just seems interested in state control and regulation. Our approach is better."

On wokery, he said: "Starmer wants more mandatory wokery. It is important to be sensitive to people’s feelings, but some of this stuff is bonkers and needs to be opposed."

Johnson won an 80-seat majority and Labour suffered its worst result since 1935. However, just two years later, following a mass revolt by ministers over his leadership sparked by scandals including Partygate, he stepped down as Prime Minister and Tory leader.

In his article for MailPlus, he also seemingly took aim at the circumstances of his downfall.

He said: "When we get back in, don’t be too hasty to get rid of successful election-winning leaders.

"As I never tire of telling people, some polls put us only two or three points behind, in the days before I was forced to resign in what was really a media-driven hoo-ha. As for Reform, it was regularly polling zero. Only pointing it out..."

Speaking following his party's election victory, Sir Keir said: "Four-and-a-half years of work changing the party, this is what it is for – a changed Labour Party ready to serve our country, ready to restore Britain to the service of working people.

"And, across our country, people will be waking up to the news, relief that a weight has been lifted, a burden finally removed from the shoulders of this great nation.

"And now we can look forward, walk into the morning, the sunlight of hope, pale at first but getting stronger through the day, shining once again, on a country with the opportunity after 14 years to get its future back."

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