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GB News host Anne Diamond says Joe Biden refusing to back down on his ambitions for a second presidential term is “worrying and horrible to see”.

Many Americans are concerned about the 81-year-old’s ability to govern, citing a perceived cognitive decline which is said to have reared its ugly head during his debate with Donald Trump last week.

Speaking on GB News, Anne Diamond questioned how Biden can limber himself up for another run for office.

“What is going on?”, she asked.

“Nancy Pelosi asked the other day whether this is an episode or a condition.

“It’s happened so often now, how can it not be a condition?”


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Anne’s co-host, Martin Daubney, waded in on the discussion to state Republicans are not “enjoying” the apparent demise of the president and are instead sympathetic to his situation.

“It feels harsh”, he said. “It feels like those closest to him need to have an intervention and urge him to stand aside.”

“But he won’t”, Anne added. “How do you remove a sitting president from being considered to be candidate for the next candidacy? How do you force it on him?

“I just found it really uncomfortable. It should be exciting about the man who could be president of the United States. Instead, it’s worrying and horrible.

“If it were a child, it would be child abuse. They have got to sort it out.”

It comes after Biden accidentally said he is the “first black woman” to serve as vice-president “with a black president” during an interview with Philadelphia’s WURD radio station.

The US president was referring to his vice-president, Kamala Harris, and former president Barack Obama as he suffered the mix-up.

Biden insists he will not be stepping away from the race but it has done little to quell the fallout prompted by his dismal debate showing against Trump.

The incumbent is widely seen to have lost comfortably against his Republican counterpart.

At one stage in the debate, Trump claimed Biden "doesn't know what he is saying" after admitting to not hearing a comment made by the US president.

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