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Labour MP Jess Phillips demanded for protesters to be "thrown out" during her victory speech in Birmingham, as her win was stormed by pro-Palestine chants.

Phillips retained her seat in Birmingham Yardley after winning 11,275 votes - a 31 per cent share of the overall vote in the constituency.

Birmingham Yardley has been held by Labour since 2015 - having previously been a Liberal Democrat seat.

Ahead of the election result, independent candidates in Birmingham were expected to take votes off Labour, capitalising on the party's much-criticised stance on Gaza.

Addressing the crowd after she was declared victor, Phillips attempted to make her speech before being immediately interrupted by jeers and chants.

Phillips said: "This election has been..." before being met with "free, free Palestine" chants from protesters in the audience.

Phillips then called on the protesters to be "thrown out" of the venue, as they were escorted out by security.

The newly elected Labour MP then continued: "This election has been the worst election I have ever stood in.

"Today, a brilliant community activist, who put on events for every single part of our community, came out to campaign with me, and people filmed her on the streets, and then slashed her tyres."


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Phillips was met with more jeering from the crowd as she continued: "A young woman on her own, delivering leaflets, was filmed and screamed at by a much older man in the street.

"Today, I was to be joined by the family of Jo Cox. They wanted to come out and campaign with me. And there is absolutely no way I could have allowed for them to see what was aggressive, and violent, in our democracy."

In his own victory speech, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer marked a "national renewal" for the country after winning the biggest majority since Blair in 1997.

Starmer told the rally in central London: "We did it. A mandate like this comes with a great responsibility.

"Don’t forget how we got here. This morning we can see that the British people have voted to turn the page.

"I may have mentioned my parents a few times on this campaign – once or twice – but the sense of security we had, the comfort we had from believing that Britain would always be better for their children. The hope – not high minded, not idealistic – but a hope that working class families like mine could build their lives around.

"It is a hope that might not burn brightly in Britain at the moment but we have earned the mandate to relight the fire. That is the purpose of this party and this government.

"We said we would end the chaos and we will. We said we would turn the page and we have. Today we start the next chapter, begin the work of change, the mission of national renewal and start to rebuild our country. Thank you."

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