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A British small business owner has expressed her fear for an incoming Labour government.

Labour are predicted to blaze the Tories with over 400 seats, with Nigel Farage's Reform UK also set to win over 10 seats.

Speaking to GB News at the Election Watch Party in Essex, one concerned Briton admitted she was "scared" of Starmer entering No10, and warned her small business will be crushed by an incoming Labour government.

When asked by host Patrick Christys what her biggest issue was when voting in the General Election, she revealed: "I'm a small business owner based in the East Midlands. I am scared for tomorrow.

"I've read the Labour manifesto today all around employment, and it's going to change - it's changed because of big business."

The business owner claimed that Starmer will "bring the unions back in", affecting her small company where she employs just eight people.

She told GB News: "They're going to bring the unions back in, but it's going to affect us little employers. I employ eight people, and I'm frightened for tomorrow."

Joining the GB News watch party event, Lord Shaun Bailey was questioned by the business owner about the future of the Conservatives, and how they would "bring the Conservative Party back in this next Parliament".

Criticising the party's "loss of Conservatism", Bailey responded: "The Conservative Party is going to have to do some soul searching.


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"Are we going to move to the left? Are we going to move to the right? Who's going to be the leader? I think there's some things we need to consider. We need to consider being a voice for real conservatism."

Reflecting on the projected loss for the Tories, Bailey admitted: "Of course I'm upset about it, but what I'm more upset about is the loss of conservatism.

"Conservatism is a broad church for working people. It's a small business. The whole political class has become a bit obsessed with big business, let's go back to small business.

"You are our country's employers, you employ many more people. But if the Conservatives can have a conversation about fundamentally what's going on, then we can come back."

Turning the discussion back to the business owner, Patrick asked the lady if she feels she is paying "as much tax as she can" at the moment.

The business owner agreed, claiming: "Oh yeah, and I know that I'm going to be paying more from tomorrow. I know they say that they're not going to put the tax up, but they're going to stealth tax us.

"They're going to make us pay for our energy bills for all this new green energy, they're going to put our road tax up, they're going to put tolls on our road. We're going to be just paying through the roof.

"And we can't afford that - it's been a really hard year."

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