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Jay Slater's mum has hit back at online trolls after her family received a torrent of abuse over her son's disappearance.

Debbie Duncan posted on Facebook to say her family are going "through hell" and stated that "this is no holiday".

The 19-year-old was last seen on June 17 after leaving an Airbnb to walk back to his accommodation in Tenerife.

Spanish police called off the search just 14 days after first scouring the mountainous Rural de Teno Park in search of the apprentice bricklayer.

Duncan wrote: "I feel the need to post this to your group and then I shall remove myself.

"I joined this group to share the positivity and love from the British public. It seems through no fault of my own you have all decided to make up your own minds.

"It is really sad I have felt the need to do this. My beautiful son Jay is still missing and believe me this is no holiday."

She added: "He came on his first holiday to Tenerife to attend the NRG music event. What mystery surrounding his disappearance may never surface.


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"We as a family are truly devastated. I did not ask for publicity from the start and was not aware that the first missing poster had my telephone number on it. It should have had the SOS Guardia Civil but like I say this was out of my control.

"Whatever decision you have in your minds I cannot control this either. We are a normal working family from Lancashire going through hell.

"I would like to thank the genuine people for their love and support at this difficult time and to continue to pray for Jay to be found."

Addressing the GoFundMe page - which has raised almost £50,000 - Duncan continued: "For those of you who are more concerned around the Gofundme page I can assure you that up to now it has not been used and our stay up to now has been financed by ourselves.

"I do have proof of transactions and transfers to other persons but I should not have to justify this.

"So you can make up your own minds. If any of you in this group have donated. I am thankful for the other mothers out there. Please continue to pray. Thank you."

It is understood that Slater's family and friends will stay in Tenerife to continue to look for him.

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