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Reform UK have been met with roaring support from GB News viewers at the General Election exit poll has revealed that Nigel Farage's party are projected to secure 13 seats.

Keir Starmer's Labour Party have wiped out Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as polling revealed that the Tories are predicted just 131 seats, with Labour securing 410 seats.

Speaking to GB News viewers at a special Election Party event in Essex, host Michelle Dewberry revealed that there was a "massive cheer" in the crowd as it was unveiled that Farage's party have "outperformed" compared to previous polling.

When asked how they felt about Labour securing an overwhelming majority, the crowd let out a sorrowful boo, a stark contrast to the reaction to the result for Reform.

Speaking to the crowd at the event, one voter told Patrick Christys that they were "really glad" to see Reform do well.

Another voter told Patrick that Nigel Farage is set to build a "fantastic base" to build for the future with the "political revolt" of his party and the Reform UK movement in Clacton.

Michelle Dewberry highlighted the "immense atmosphere" of the crowd at the watch party and revealed that the crowd shouted "serves them right" when it was unveiled that the Conservatives are set to lose over 200 seats.

Michelle told GB News: "'I'm hearing shouts of not enough seats, I'm hearing shouts of serves them right - and with Reform, I can tell you, the energy in this room, the excitement is immense."

Speaking to Patrick Christys, viewers and voters shared their reactions to the exit polls.


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One audience member, who admitted she is a Conservative voter, told Patrick of the poll: "I did actually predict about 130 seats. It's disappointing, of course, but better than expected.

"But I am glad that Reform have done well."

Speaking to two other voters, who are Reform supporters, told GB News: "We're really glad that Reform have done so well.

"We really hoped that they would get more seats, maybe 30, but at least they've got enough. 13 is enough."

Another voter noted that after just four weeks on the campaign trail, Nigel Farage has built a "fantastic base" with Reform ahead of the election result.

He praised Farage, noting: "Well, after four weeks, I think they've just they're building a fantastic base to work for, for the future."

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