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GB News members have vented their fury at the exit poll results in the General Election, with a historic landslide expected for the Labour Party.

Labour is expected to pick up 410 seats, while the Tories are on course to pick up 131.

Speaking to voters at GB News' election night watch party in Essex, the knives are out.

One irate attendee branded the result for the Conservative Party as "catastrophic", while another called it a "disaster".

A second voter feels "disillusioned" and "lied to", adding: "We have too many parties and I don't trust any of them."

A third told your correspondent: "The Conservatives have not put up a decent fight. They are an absolute embarrassment. Labour hasn't won - the Conservatives have lost. They have handed the keys to Number 10."

Apathy is also in the air, with one voter branding the result as "boring" adding: "I really hope Labour don't get in and get the super majority but I think they are going to."

Another struck a similar tone: "We have too many parties and I don't trust any of them."

Reform UK, which is expected to pick up 13 seats, generated a much more positive reaction, with one GB News member branding the exit poll result as "amazing" and "brilliant".

Another said: "He [Nigel] is the only person to move this country forward. He has something no one has got. That's called honesty."

Other exit poll results include:

Liberal Democrats: 61

SNP: 10

Plaid Cymru: 4

Greens: 2

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