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The Democratic Party and the US media have been "lying to the American people about the cognitive state of Joe Biden", it has been claimed.

The President gave his latest excuse for his poor performance against rival Donald Trump in their live leadership debate, blaming his gaffes on "jet lag".

The 81-year-old leader claimed: "I didn’t listen to my staff... and then I nearly fell asleep on stage."

In the latest of calls for the Potus to step down ahead of the August convention, an ally claimed that Biden "knows" he has to perform well at the next two campaign events in order to remain in the election.

Speaking to GB News, Republicans Overseas UK spokesperson Jennifer Ewing said the cognitive health of the President is becoming a "national security risk" and there is "no way he can remain at the top of the ticket" for the Democrats.

Ewing explained: "Jet lag is not a joke, however, that's not what's going on here. The fact of the matter is the Biden family, the Democratic Party, in conjunction with a lot of the media, has been lying to the American people about the cognitive state of our president. And that's not okay."

Noting the admission from sitting Democratic lawmaker Rep Lloyd Doggett that he is "hopeful Biden will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw", Ewing claimed that there is "a lot of talk behind closed doors" in getting the President to step aside ahead of November.

Ewing told GB News: "A lot of talk is happening behind closed doors - the fact that Lloyd is the first person to come out is significant, but now the dam will break for sure."

Turning the discussion to possible replacements for Joe Biden, Ewing highlighted that the Democrats may choose to push Kamala Harris to the top of the ticket, despite her being "less popular than the President".


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Ewing revealed: "It would be an elegant solution to move her to the top of the ticket, because they'd be able to keep the hundreds of millions of dollars that they've raised for Biden.

"They wouldn't be able to if they completely got rid of both of them. And it doesn't look like they've done the uncomfortable thing by dumping their DEI candidate. So keep an eye on that."

When asked about the possibility of Michelle Obama becoming the replacement candidate for the US leader, Ewing admitted it was something she "never saw coming", alongside Kamala Harris being thrown into the ring to top the ticket.

Ewing added: "It's something I never saw coming, and I am somebody a year ago that was saying Biden can't be the candidate, but I didn't think it would be Kamala either."

When asked by host Tom Harwood if the US could see more election polling like this, placing Harris under Biden in popularity, Ewing agreed, noting that Biden "needs to make the decision himself" to step down.

Ewing concluded: "I think it's exactly what we will see. And it's not because she's popular or because she can beat Trump. It's because the Democrats have a really difficult situation with regards to removing Biden. He has to make the choice himself.

"There are a few other things that could happen regarding the convention or God forbid, a health issue. But one of the things blocking them was the Kamala Harris problem, as people were beginning to call it."

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