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Boris Johnson has made last-minute election intervention but name-dropped Rishi Sunak just once during his speech to Tory activists.

Sunak, who spearheaded a Cabinet cabal against the former Prime Minister in July 2022, called on Johnson at the eleventh-hour as opinion polls point to dire results for the Tories tomorrow.

Johnson used his speech to echo concerns about a Labour "supermajority" and warned Sir Keir Starmer could make the UK a "punk" to the European Union.

The former Prime Minister, who took aim at Nigel Farage over the Reform UK's Russia row, only made one reference to his ex-Chancellor.

However, following Johnson's speech, Sunak said: “Isn’t it great to have our Conservative family united, my friends?”

Sunak added: “Now, it suits lots of people to say that the result of this election is a foregone conclusion but I know that it is not.

“Just 130,000 people switching their vote, giving us their support, is what it will take to deny Labour that supermajority they want. Every single vote matters.”

Despite not making direct references to Sunak, Johnson urged voters to side with the Conservative Party.

He said: “There’s only one thing to do – vote Conservative on Thursday my friends and I know you will. I know you will.”

Tories risk finishing THIRD as mega poll puts Conservatives just THREE seats ahead of Lib Dems

The Tory Party risks being overtaken by the Liberal Democrats as a mega-poll puts Rishi Sunak's Conservatives just three seats ahead.

A new MRP poll, conducted by Survation, put Labour on 484 seats.

The Tories languished behind in a distant second on just 64 seats, with the Liberal Democrats on 61.

The survey of 34,558 voters also put Reform UK on seven, with the SNP reduced to 10 seats and Plaid Cymru and the Green Party returning three MPs each.

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