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Nigel Farage has revealed that he has "told Donald Trump's team" to "speak to David Lammy" ahead of the UK's General Election.

In an exclusive interview with GB News Political Editor Christopher Hope, the leader of Reform UK detailed his private talks with the former US President.

Farage, who originally did not enter the General Election campaign in order to assist Donald Trump on his own political trail, admitted he had "not asked" for any campaign advice since stepping into Reform's leadership.

When asked by Christopher if Farage's "special relationship" with Trump will be more important to his relationship with the next incoming Prime Minister, the Reform leader affirmed that the UK's relationship with the US remains "crucial" on the world stage.

Farage claimed: "I think Britain's relationship with America is crucial, and I am really pleased."

Alluding to a possible Labour victory in tomorrow's election, Farage revealed that David Lammy has "reached out" to Donald Trump's team.

He revealed: "I mean this, for all Labour's faults and for all Labour's lack of talent, the fact that David Lammy, who was about to become our Foreign Secretary, is now reaching out to the Trump team...

"If it is Lammy, the fact that he is now reaching out - the Trump team asked me about it and I said yes, do talk to David Lammy."

Highlighting the "different politics" of Labour compared to the last 14 years of Conservative power, Farage affirmed that the relationship with whoever is the next US President "must remain crucial".


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Farage told GB News: "Even if your politics are different, our relationship with America in a world that's close to the global conflagration but has been for over 60 years is crucial."

Reflecting on Reform's surge in popularity in the latest election campaign, Farage was asked for his "five-year plan" for the party.

He stated: "We're going to build a mass movement around the country, regardless.

"All the campaigns I've fought over, all the ups and downs I fought over the years, I have never seen the level of enthusiasm we are now garnering for Reform UK. How many of us there are, we will find out after 10pm tomorrow."

When quizzed on how many votes he believes Reform UK will get at the General Election on Thursday, Farage claimed he could see "well above five million" at the ballot boxes.

Farage told GB News: "I am hoping it will be well well above five million. I think six million is very possible. Very, very possible. That's what I believe will happen.

"And then Labour might get 37 per cent of the vote and have the biggest parliamentary majority in history.

"The Tories have done themselves in. By this time next week, the campaign for electoral reform will be in full cry. I know, because I'm going to be part of it."

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