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Joe Biden has found himself at the centre of a Democratic storm after receiving a first official call from his own party to withdraw from the presidential race.

Biden, 81, had faced pressure to stand aside from running in the November 5 election after his disastrous debate against Donald Trump last week.

The debate had marked the first major clash between the two front-runners to the White House with the hope of getting voters on-side early and swing polls in their favour - but a bumbling Biden had failed to turn heads as the duo graced TV screens across the US.

And now, the President has taken a blow from within after House Representative Lloyd Doggett became the first congressional Democrat to call for Biden to step aside.

I wanted to share with you my statement calling on President Biden to withdraw.

— Rep. Lloyd Doggett (@LloydDoggettTX) July 2, 2024

In a statement from his campaign account on social media, Doggett said he was "hopeful that he [Biden] will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw."

The Texas Democrat lawmaker said: "While much of his work has been transformational, he pledged to be transitional.

"He has the opportunity to encourage a new generation of leaders from whom a nominee can be chosen to unite our country through an open, democratic process."

In a sign that rebellion could be fomenting from within, US outlet CBS reported that a "large" group of House Democrats "covering a broad swath of the Democratic caucus" is calling on Biden to withdraw from the race.


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One Democratic lawmaker said the group is "concerned" about the 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief's re-electability - but team Biden has remained firm that he will fight on.

Though several had defended him after last week's shaky debate performance, Biden is set to hold a meeting with Democratic governors on Wednesday and will speak to lawmakers this week, White House officials said.

The meeting on Wednesday - which will be held at the White House but may be largely virtual with governors dialling in remotely - will give the President a chance to reassure leaders in his party that he is of sound mind and body despite the debate.

One official said Biden would also meet with leaders from Capitol Hill this week as he seeks to shore up support among party stalwarts and tamp down talk that he should step aside.

On Sunday and Monday, Biden's team held tough phone calls with important campaign funders who questioned whether the 81-year-old should stay in the presidential race against a bullish Donald Trump.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi emphasised Biden's multiple legislative accomplishments during an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday - but said it was a legitimate question to ask whether his debate performance was a one-night issue or a broader health problem. She said Trump should be given the same scrutiny.

"I think it's a legitimate question to say, 'is this an episode or is this a condition?' And so when people ask that question, it's legitimate, of both candidates," Pelosi said.

Democratic Representative Mike Quigley, a moderate from Illinois, told CNN: "He has to be honest with himself... It's his decision. I just want him to appreciate at this time just how much it impacts not just his race, but all the other races coming in November."

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