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Care support worker Michelle Chisholm, from Hounslow, has blasted the MSM (mainstream media) for supposed “negative” Reform UK coverage in the lead-up to the General Election.

She told GB News that her concerns about immigration are the determining factor in where she will be placing her vote, asserting it does not make her racist.

“I’m really cross because the mainstream media is not giving the Reform Party positive coverage”, she said.

“It’s always negative. If you support Reform, you’re racist. I’ve been called racist now for over a year because I actually voted Conservative in the mayoral election and didn’t support Labour.

“I am now voting for Reform in the national elections for many reasons. Net zero number one.

“Securing our borders too because immigration is a massive problem in our country. 1.2 million people came in last year.


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“What’s happening here? We’re having so many people coming into this country so we’re overstretching our resources. Our NHS is in a mess. Our schooling is in a mess.

“I’ve got no problem with legal immigration at all. But when we’re having lots of migrants coming into the country, taking up valuable school places for people that have worked here, worked hard all their lives, is just blatantly and morally wrong.

“Reform are also supporting the motorist. I’m living in London and everything is anti-motorist.”

Reform has faced scrutiny in recent days with a candidate dropping out yesterday and endorsing their local Conservative instead.

George David, the Reform candidate for West Ham and Beckton, claimed the “vast majority” of Reform candidates are “racist, misogynistic and bigoted.”

She argued the party leadership has failed to “tackle this issue in any meaningful way”.

David’s move follows that of Liam Booth-Isherwood, who was standing in the seat of Erewash under the Reform banner but also dropped out of the race saying he had become “increasingly disillusioned” with the behaviour of the party, citing a “significant moral issue” within its ranks.

Nigel Farage and Richard Tice have accused the Tories of dirty tricks, claiming the candidates who have withdrawn were “Trojan horses” from Rishi Sunak’s party.

Nigel Farage’s party has been embroiled by racism allegations since campaigners for Reform in Clacton were recorded by an undercover journalist from Channel 4 making racist comments, including about the Prime Minister, who is of Indian descent.

Farage has called the Channel 4 report a “set-up” – an assertion the broadcaster has strenuously denied – social media activity of candidates expressing racist, xenophobic or homophobic ideation has continued to raise questions for the party leadership on the views held by those within their ranks.

Reform has confirmed it has dropped support for candidates Leslie Lilley in Southend East and Rochford; Edward Oakenfull in Derbyshire Dales; and Robert Lomas in Barnsley North.

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