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Investigators leading the hunt for missing British teen Jay Slater have been forced to turn to TikTok detectives in order to track him down.

Just yesterday, Spanish authorities made the controversial announcement they would be calling off the search in Tenerife when he disappeared - but now, the online sleuths have discovered what could be a clue in finally bringing the case to a close.

A spokeswoman from Spain's Civil Guard had said: "The search operation is no longer active, but the case is still open and there are several lines of investigation... the search has gone on for many days because it is a rocky area that is hard to access."

And with the Civil Guard out of action on the ground, the missing apprentice bricklayer's family have had to look elsewhere.

Enter Paul Arnott, a 29-year-old climber who posts videos of his exploits to social media platform TikTok.

Arnott, who has been helping the Slater family - who have travelled to Tenerife in order to find the 19-year-old - revealed that a pair of sunglasses similar to the ones the teen had last been seen wearing have been found near his last known location.

GB News has seen the climber's footage, which shows the shades - black and broken - on the ground apparently near the Mirador lookout point, near Slater's last known location.

The teenager had attended the NRG music festival on the island with two friends before his disappearance, while his phone was last traced to the Masca ravine in a remote national park in the north of Tenerife.


Speaking to the Mail, Arnott said: "There have been some new developments and these sunglasses could be key.

"They were found by an army guy called Chris who lives here. I don't want to go into too much detail yet, but the family have them and are looking at them.

"They could be Jay's... They are very similar to ones he has and we are waiting to see. It could be very significant."

While speaking on TikTok in a video from the search site on Saturday, Arnott said: "I've literally been waiting for absolutely ages now - this is a massive PR thing I'm telling you now...

"There's people everywhere - literally people everywhere - and nobody is doing anything."

Slater, 19, had disappeared after trying to walk back to his holiday accommodation after missing a bus in the early hours of June 17.

Dozens of police officers, rescue teams and firefighters had been looking since then in the steep valley, using dogs, drones and a helicopter.

And a GoFundMe appeal, "Get Jay Slater home", has raised £36,000 through more than 3,200 individual donations, which Slater's mother Debbie Duncan has said will be used to support mountain rescue teams, and to cover her own accommodation and food costs during her extended stay on the island.

And though the Slaters have met with Spanish police, the search for the missing teen has today entered its third week - with Duncan describing her son's disappearance and the wait for news as a "living nightmare".

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