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Jay Slater's family have received vile fake ransom demands, a former Madeleine McCann investigator has said.

Mark Williams-Thomas slammed the "trolls" after the family were sent threats almost two weeks after the teenager vanished on June 17.

The search for the missing 19-year-old came to an end on Sunday.

His family have vowed to continue hunting for Slater after he missed a bus and is believed to have walked through the mountainous Rural de Teno Park.

"So much fake content has been created in the Jay Slater case - mocked up chat, messages, pics," Williams-Thomas said.

"It’s a very different world we live in today with social media and online detectives.

"Overwhelming response from people has been very positive people just wanting to help, even though most have no direct info, just what they have read, seen or think.

"Also a number of people making vile threats and ransom demands (all checked out and have no credibility."


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The 19-year-old travelled to an Airbnb in the village of Masca with people he met at the NRG musical festival on Sunday, June 16.

The apprentice bricklayer last spoke to his friend Lucy Law to say he had missed his bus, his phone had just one per cent battery and he would walk home instead.

Police have meticulously searched the area, with no trace of Slater being found.

His family said they felt the "trolls have won" after the search was halted.

"Jay’s family can’t help thinking the trolls have won and that they have got the way," a family source from the UK told The Sun.

"So many people have been putting horrible messages out there which has only added to the family’s torment."

His family have faced a series of fake message and prank calls as well as bogus theories from trolls online.

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