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The family of missing teen Jay Slater were not told that the search was called off, GB News host Dawn Neesom has claimed.

Tenerife Police called off their search yesterday after the teenage boy had been missing for two weeks.

Slater went missing after attending a music festival on the Spanish island.

After the music event the teenager travelled to an Airbnb in Masca with people he met on Sunday, June 16.

The apprentice bricklayer spoke to his friend Lucy Law at 8am local time last Monday to say he had missed his bus, his phone had just one per cent battery and he would walk home instead.

Despite police meticulously searching the area, the teenager was not found.


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Speaking on GB News today Dawn Neesom said: "It's a very, very it's very strange story obviously.

She added: "Suddenly yesterday, they announced they are calling an abrupt halt to it. The thing is over here, you have family liaison officers. So the family would be kept informed of the whole time.

"The Daily Mail reporter and Guy Adams, who's covering this story very well out there. He went over to Jay's mum and said did you know they're called the search?

"But, you know, Jay's mum hadn't even been told that the search had been called off.

"Seriously. There are so many unanswered questions about this.

"We're all aware of the conspiracy theories are online that aren't really helping on social media, but there are so many unanswered questions like why was he in that part of Tenerife in the first place? "

She explained: "The horrible thing is, we might never, ever know what happened to Jay. And for his family, that just must be awful."

The family source from the UK told The Sun: "Jay’s family can’t help thinking the trolls have won and that they have got the way. So many people have been putting horrible messages out there which has only added to the family’s torment.

"They will not stop looking for Jay or giving up. They will be staying in Tenerife and trying to do all they can to keep the momentum going and to find Jay.

"They’ve been trying to get in touch with groups in Tenerife and beyond who specialise in missing persons.

"Jay’s family knew the search would eventually wind down. They get that. But it was a nightmare scenario they didn’t want to think about."

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