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Households in the UK are paying more than electricity than any others living in the EU, according to new recent Government figures.

British families paid 36p per unit of electricity over the latter half of 2023 in statistics comparing domestic energy prices internationally.

In comparison, UK households pay 8p per unit for gas which is the ninth lowest gas prices compared to the 27 countries that make up the EU.

Experts are sounding the alarm that the high cost of electricity compared to gas is stopping customers from switching to environmentally-friendly devices, such as heat pumps.

Britons have been saddled with historic high energy bills during the ongoing cost of living crisis with greener technologies being floated as a solution that could bring down costs long-term.

Despite the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, the Government has revised its goals for uptake of the scheme which offers financial support to those swapping gas boilers for heat pumps and other clean devices.

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Both the Dutch and the Belgians paid more for electricity than those living in the UK during the first half of 2023.

However, over the course of last year, Britons paid 36p a unit which was the highest, followed by Germany on 35p.

In the past, the UK's electricity prices have been on average comparable with the 27 EU countries.

Looking at data going back to 1998, taking into account taxes, this is the first time homes in the UK are paying more for electricity than any other EU country.

Madeleine Gabriel, the director of sustainable future at Nesta, issued a dire warning regarding Britain's cost of living standards compared to the rest of the continent.

She explained: "The UK is starting to look like the sick man of Europe with its stubbornly high electricity prices."

This is the term used to describe a country in Europe which is dealing with economic turmoil or social unrest.

According to Gabriel, addressing the ongoing energy bill crisis is "one of the most important things" the next Government has to do.

Domestic electricity prices in the UK are known to be so high due to burning gas which is the most expensive way to make demand.

Nesta reports that gas set the wholesale energy price in "day ahead" and "same day" UK power markets way more than any other country based in the EU.


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Another reason why Britons are finding themselves paying more is electricity, which include carbon taxes and schemes to assist low-income households pay bills.

It should be noted that carbon taxes are paid through electricity bills and not through gas.

Not including taxes or levies, domestic electricity prices in UK would have came to 27p last year.

In recent years, the Government has pledged to "rebalance" levies off electricity on to gas but this has yet to materialise.

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