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American singer SZA took to the Glastonbury stage on Sunday night to headline the Pyramid Stage but left a lot of fans disappointed in her set - with the star hitting back at harsh critics.

The Kill Bill singer closed the Worthy Farm festival on Sunday night in spectacular fashion after five days of staggering performances from other headliners Coldplay, Shania Twain and Dua Lipa.

However, much like her fellow legendary singers, SZA encountered some technical problems which meant her set was interrupted and left a lot of fans to issue their complaints.

It was apparent that there were issues before the 34-year-old walked out onto the stage as she began her set 15 minutes late, before performing her hit songs such as Love Galore.

Taking to their social media accounts, one listener noted: "Justice for SZA!! What have Glastonbury done to her mic to make her vocals sound this way, this is excruciating."

"It’s genuinely impossible to understand anything Sza is singing with these sound issues," another commented before a third said: "SZA sounded perfect yesterday at Hyde Park it’s insane the most renowned music festival on earth can’t get the sound right"

Someone else added: "This was such a fuck up really. No disrespect to Sza but it may have been the wrong time for her to Pyramid headline. Shouldn’t have been the Sunday anyway."

Defending the singer, one user said: "It wasn't her fault, bad planning on #Glastonbury part. I haven't seen her set yet, I will watch today."

"I hope Sza is not reading any of the critical opinions of the choice to have her on the pyramid last night (including mine)," another penned before another fan wrote: "SZA was so good. The perfect Sunday headline act."

The Broken Clocks singer addressed the backlash in a tweet and simply stated: "The bravery required to be alive in public is remarkable. S/o everybody doing that s**t." (sic)

Fortunately, when SZA left the stage for a costume change, the technical issues seemed to be resolved, and she returned with a new microphone.

It wasn't just SZA who suffered from technical problems, as Tawin and Lauper were also caught up in the nightmare of sound issues and left audience members frustrated with the performance.

The Man! I Feel Like A Woman singer kept urging the audience to sing along, occasionally reminding them of the lyrics and added: "Well, before I move on - I want to say hats off to you, Glastonbury,

"I mean, I just have to say thank you for sharing the experience - this is wild. I've been walking around since last night, driving around and getting through the crowds and through the tents and villages and this really is a city and it's a community, and I do feel the privilege of being here, thank you very much for having me."


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When Lauper took to the stage, she greeted fans and noted she was "glad to be playing here at Glastonbury" on Saturday before wishing the crowd a "happy Pride for those celebrating."

Unfortunately, the iconic singer faced a mass walkout as she belted out her signature tune, Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Elsewhere, artists like Camila Cabello and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin faced accusations of miming during their sets, with Dua Lipa denying using a backing track.

After dealing with harsh criticism, the Houdini singer responded when speaking to MailOnline backstage at Glastonbury, simply stating, "I don’t mime."

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