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Students have been told not to use the term "illegal migrants" and to use the word "undocumented" instead.

London Metropolitan University has warned that the term is considered "dehumanising" and urged staff and students to avoid saying the words amid fears it could cause offence.

The inclusive language guide also suggests changing expressions such as "crazy" and "mad" for "bananas".

Another recommends abolishing gendered language when referring to a person's "boyfriend", "girlfriend", "husband" or "wife", and instead using the umbrella term "partner".

Similarly, "mums" and "dads" should be referred to as "parents" or "caregivers", according to London Met.

It also advises against ageist language such as "elderly", "old" and "pensioner".

London Metropolitan University said on its website: "We are proud to have a university community that is diverse in age, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender identity and many other characteristics.

"It is for this reason that striving for inclusive language use is so important to us – we want to use words that signify respect, recognise the nuances of our lived experience, and truly promote equitable outcomes."


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The new guidance has been slammed by a Tory candidate who dubbed the online guide "woke".

Nigel Mills, who is standing as the Conservative candidate in Amber Valley in Derbyshire, said the guide is "ludicrous woke nonsense".

"Illegal migrant is a simple factual term for someone who's not come to the UK legally," he told The Sun.

"Surely universities have better uses for tuition fees than paying people to come up with this rubbish."

A spokesperson for London Metropolitan University said: "We take pride in our diverse community and our commitment to creating a welcoming environment where all students can succeed.

"This is not about political correctness; it's about ensuring everyone feels valued.

"We stand by our values and the positive impact of this guide."

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