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Nigel Farage has said he has “had enough of the BBC” as he campaigned in Birmingham today.

The Reform UK leader addressed thousands of cheering supporters on several key topics including illegal migration, tax and the recent Channel 4 expose into canvasser Andrew Parker which he called a “stitch-up”.

He said: “The final straw for me with the BBC took place last Friday here in Birmingham, a Question Time special.

“I think it might be the 40th question time that I've done over the years. Look, I expect an audience not all to agree with me, but I don't expect the first questioner to be somebody who has produced eight separate BBC programmes over the course of the last year, including Doctor Who, which I used to love and they've completely ruined.

“And then the third questioner, a pro-Palestinian known activist. Does anyone think that group of people were representative of the great British public in any way at all?

“Well, I've had enough. I've had enough. Have you had enough of the BBC?”

He added that “the state broadcaster has abused its position of power” and said Reform UK will “campaign for the abolition of the BBC licence fee”.

In response to applause from the audience, he said: “That’s popular. You like that don’t you?”

Do you agree with Nigel Farage? Have you had enough of the BBC? Vote now in our poll above or have your say in the comments section below.

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