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Marine Le Pen is expected to win control of the French parliament in a humiliation for President Emmanuel Macron, the latest polls suggest.

The final opinion poll recorded ahead of the first round of parliamentary voting today saw Le Pen's National Rally surge to a record 36 to 37 per cent.

If the polls prove correct, her protégé, Jordan Bardella, 28, could become the country’s youngest prime minister.

An outright RN victory would set the stage for a challenging "cohabitation" with Macron for the rest of his term until 2027.

In an election video on social media, Bardella said: "I’m counting on you. We’re ready.

"Nothing can stop a people who have begun again to hope."

Three weeks ago, Macron called for an election, which has since evolved into a de facto referendum on his presidency, set against a backdrop of national despondency and a widespread yearning for change.

It comes less than a month before France hosts the Olympics in Paris.


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The latest poll places Macron’s centrist Together for the Republic group at just about 20 per cent.

Accurate seat predictions are difficult because the final outcome hinges on the second-round results in France’s 577 constituencies.

Recent projections have indicated that the RN could secure anywhere between 210 and 300 seats.

Private polling also suggests the RN is in line to win an absolute majority.

After Sunday's first round, rivals to the RN may team up and withdraw candidates in tactical moves to defeat candidates in the July 7 second round.

Analysts suggest that the far-right party has gained from public dissatisfaction with Macron.

The election has seen widespread national dissatisfaction and a strong desire for change.

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