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Princess Anne’s injuries are “quite a serious thing” according to royal commentator Angela Levin, who claims the 73-year-old “can’t remember anything” from the horse incident that saw her spend a period in hospital.

Speaking on GBN America, Levin said the matter has exacerbated an already difficult situation within the Royal Family.

The Princess Royal will spend a period of convalescence after being discharged from hospital.

“What is worrying is Princess Anne”, she told GBN America.

“Her husband went to see her and Zara Tindall went to see her in hospital, looking very anxious.

“I think it’s quite serious because she can’t remember anything about what happened.

“For a woman of her age, over 70, you have to be very careful.

“It does take a long time to recover, and here we are. We’ve got holes all over our wonderful Royal Family and not really the people to fill them up.

“It’s very, very difficult. We wish very much for Anne because she’s thought to be the hardest worker.

“She doesn’t complain and she wants to do as much as she can for the King.”

The King’s sister, 73, spent five nights at Southmead Hospital in Bristol after being hurt while walking on her Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire on Sunday evening.

Anne departed privately on Friday morning without being seen and has returned to her country home near Minchinhampton, 30 miles away.

Anne’s medical team said her head injuries were consistent with a potential impact from a horse’s head or legs but her concussion has meant precise details of how the incident came about are not clear.

An air ambulance was scrambled to take the princess to hospital, but in the end she travelled by road after being treated by an emergency crew on site.

While receiving treatment, she was visited by her daughter, Zara Tindall, separately on Tuesday, with Sir Tim also returning on Wednesday.

Sir Tim said during the week she was “doing fine, slow but sure” and that he had taken her a “few little treats from home”.

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