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David Tennant and Kemi Badenoch have sparked a fresh heated debate on "identity politics", following their row over transgender issues.

The 53-year-old Doctor Who and Broadchurch actor infuriated Badenoch after demanding she "shut up" and "not exist anymore" during his acceptance speech at the British LGBTQIA+ Awards.

Tennant told the crowd: "Until we wake up and Kemi Badenoch doesn’t exist anymore – I don’t wish ill of her, I just wish her to shut up – whilst we do live in this world, I am honoured to receive."

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Badenoch declared she will "not be silenced" by "men who prioritise applause from Stonewall over the safety of women and girls".

She raged: "A rich, lefty, white male celebrity so blinded by ideology he can’t see the optics of attacking the only black woman in government by calling publicly for my existence to end."

Debating the spat on GB News, commentators Adam Brooks and Rebecca Reid came to blows over the "total hypocrisy" of Tennant's remarks.

Hitting out at Tennant, Brooks claimed the actor "wants to denounce racism, as long as it isn't against Tory MPs of colour"

He told host Patrick Christys: "That's what it comes across as, it's total hypocrisy. He's a luvvie thespian, it makes me feel sick."

In defence of Tennant, Reid highlighted that he is the "parent of a non-binary child", and as well as a prolific ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, he is "a talented, very attractive, very wealthy, very successful, multi-award winning actor who women absolutely go for".


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Criticising Badenoch, Reid pointed out the "hypocrisy" of her use of "identity politics", despite previously claiming she "doesn't like to use it".

Reid explained: "If we're going to talk about hypocrisy, Kemi has said word for word, I don't like identity politics. She has said I don't like it when people are tribal.

"I don't like it when people talk about being a woman or being black. And then here she is saying, don't be mean to me, I'm the only black woman."

Brooks hit back at Reid, arguing: "She's sticking up for herself. She's being attacked and she's sticking up for herself."

Reid disagreed, asking Brooks: "If identity politics aren't relevant, why is she bringing up identity politics? Either we all can or no one can."

In further defence of Badenoch, Brooks responded: "She's trying to protect women's only spaces from biological men. 95 per cent of trans women still have their penis.

"If you care about protecting women and girls, what Badenoch is doing is she's trying to protect women's only spaces and women's sports.

"We know there's a problem, and I think anyone that disagrees with trying to protect these has got an ulterior motive."

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