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American voters are tuning into tonight’s presidential debate to see Joe Biden’s “next faux pas”, according to US political commentator Tim Young.

He believes the vast majority of American voters already know how they will cast their vote in November and are more interested in watching tonight’s debate to see a potential Biden gaffe.

The 81-year-old president is the oldest sitting Commander-in-Chief in history, and faces scrutiny over whether he is fit for another term in office.

Young told GBN America said viewers will be tuning in for a “casual” watching experience.

“People are going to grab a drink, watch for 15 minutes and probably tune out”, he said.

Asked by GBN America host Nana Akua if Americans will be watching to look for the next “Joe Biden faux pas”, he said: “Yes, luckily there aren’t any steps that he has to climb up to get to the stage.


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“That would be the first thing everything would tune in for.”

The stakes are high ahead of tonight’s debate with it taking place in the key swing state of Georgia.

Biden managed to secure the state by less than 12,000 votes in 2020 as he went on to win the election.

American network CNN will be hosting the debate with strict rules put in place.

Both candidates will only be allowed to speak when permitted by network anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

Young is sceptical about the debate’s format and even went as far as accusing CNN of bias ahead of the clash.

“It’s going to be total bias garbage”, fumed Young.

“I think most in America know how they will vote already. I don’t think there will be much difference.

“People who are sheep are going to lap whatever CNN produces here.”

Asked if the conditions are reasonable, he said: “They aren’t, and Trump knows what he is walking into, Trump also agreed to it.

“He said any place and any time, I give him credit for being honest and sticking to his guns.

“But we can’t trust CNN. His spokesperson was on CNN last week bringing up Jake Tapper’s Hitler comments and when she said people should Google it, they cut her off.

“This network where they could at least put on a better show and at least look unbiased, they aren’t even pretending.”

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