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Camilla Tominey bagged a TRIC award on Tuesday for her emotional interview with Alastair Stewart last year.

On hearing the news, Camilla embraced Alastair for a hug before punching her hands in the air to celebrate.

Last September, Camilla interviewed Alastair on her self-titled GB News show to reveal he had been diagnosed with dementia.

The emotional interview led viewers to vote for Camilla and Alastair for the Interview of the Year at this year's TRIC awards.

On accepting the award, Camilla beamed and said: "I shouldn't be the one talking with Alastair Stewart next to me.

"Thank you so much to everybody in the public who voted, thank you so much to the judges.

"As everyone here knows, the best stories to tell are the ones involving human interest and people's very personal tales.

"We were so grateful to Al for being so honest about his dementia diagnosis.


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"We hoped the interview would raise awareness for a condition that affects one in two people in the UK. I'd like to say thank you so much to GB News -" she added, prompting Stewart to chip in: "Here, here."

Tominey continued: "Everyone in my immediate production team, so that's Joe Cowell, Keith Bays, Dominic Weaver and Tim Smith.

"And thank you so much and hope it raised awareness, and thank you to Al - he's a broadcasting legend who shared something very personal with us so thank you."

Stewart signed off: "And thanks to all of my friends and people who I've known for many, many years - many of whom are in the room tonight. Including the most important of them all, Sally Stewart, who is sitting over there. Thank you very much indeed."

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