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JK Rowling's sentiment sets a "dangerous" precedent in America, a Louisiana State Representative has claimed.

Rowling is vocal about her views on biological sex and protecting same sex areas.

She has also been criticised for "deliberately" calling transwomen "him" when they identify as a woman.

Last year the UK government released new guidance on how British schools can approach transgender children attending their establishments.

The guidance states that schools and colleges "have a duty" to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children and a "cautious approach should be taken" when responding to requests of social transition.

Speaking to Patrick Christys on GBN America, Louisiana State Representative Mike Bayham explained the differences between the UK and the US on the debate.


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He told GBNA: "One of your biggest celebrities, the author of the Harry Potter books. Get vilified all over because of her position on the transgender agenda, it's terrible.

"That what she's been subjected to and a lot of the vile and ugly things said about her.

"In America, it's not as pronounced, but depending on where you go to go to New York City of San Francisco or some of the other larger urban areas such as Chicago, the LGBTQ agenda is very strong.

"In Louisiana, not so much. But at some point we have to recognise truth, and a person can go by whatever name they want.

"I understand that. When you are born a male and they used the word gender/

"If later on in life when you're an adult, you want to change your name and and live a different way, that's fine.

"But it is not up to the parents to instruct the schools that my son is hereby to be considered a female, and you are to give the child a female recognised a child, a female name, because that's inappropriate.

"That's going to create that's going to push this agenda in the classroom via the parent. And there are there are truths out there.

"There are biological truths out there. And we can't live in a world where two plus two equals five, just because some people like it that way."

We haven't had a whole lot of pushback on this. In Louisiana, we are deep red southern conservative state, in other areas of the country this is a much bigger issue.

"I do believe it's a matter of recognising truth. That's something that, in my opinion, is dangerous.

"If we could just make up whatever reality we want, because at that point, we're governing by sentiment and women. That's not good for any society."

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