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Spanish officers are planning a television press conference to appeal for information about Jay Slater, police sources say.

It is believed that officers think people in Tenerife could hold vital clues about what has happened to the 19-year-old who vanished 10 days ago.

Sources say "nothing is being ruled out" as rescue teams search areas across the island, including his last known location in the mountainous Rural de Teno Park.

But officials say they are in a "race against time" before the holiday hotspot is inundated with tourists.

A police source claims officers could be considering a TV appeal - which could involve the teenager’s parents Debbie Duncan and Warren Slater.

"Although it’s still entirely possible Jay got disoriented and went missing after getting lost, cops aren’t ruling anything out," the source close to the investigation told The Sun.

"They are open-minded to other scenarios which is why they are considering an appeal that would speak directly to people living locally who might have vital information.

"It’s a race against time and although no resources are being cut back, the next few days are absolutely crucial.


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"In just a few weeks time the area will be flooded with even more tourists and visitors which will make the search for Jay even harder than it is now."

The Guardia Civil have not yet commented on the claims.

The teenager travelled to an Airbnb in the village of Masca with people he met at the NRG musical festival on Sunday, June 16.

The apprentice bricklayer spoke to his friend Lucy Law at 8am local time last Monday to say he had missed his bus, his phone had just one per cent battery and he would walk home instead.

Since then, police have meticulously searched the area, with no trace of Slater being found so far.

It follows allegations that the missing 19-year-old has been spotted "watching the Euros" by "several witnesses".

Mayor of Santiago del Teide, Emilio Jose Navarro said some of the witnesses had "been interviewed by police".

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