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A British hiker who was rescued by Tenerife police whilst they were searching for missing teenager Jay Slater has admitted that he “didn’t need saving”.

David Larkin, 51, was picked up by search crews in Rural de Teno Park - Slater’s last known location.

Police in Tenerife said that they saved a “tired and disorientated” Larkin from the “very difficult” terrain whilst searching for the missing teenager, who vanished over a week ago.

However, the 51-year-old, a self-professed “experienced hiker”, said he did not need any aid.

Speaking to The Mail, he said: “I can tell you now; I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t disoriented, and I didn’t need rescuing.

“I think there was a lot lost in translation when they saw him and I explained to them I had water, I was wearing layers, I had my rucksack with food and I’m an experienced hiker.

“I think they want to show how good they are, but I certainly didn’t need saving.”

He added: “I feel so sorry for the boy’s family and hope he’s found soon.”

The 51-year-old, who lives in Scotland, said he felt “embarrassed” when he was rescued. He noted that he spotted the helicopters circling above but did not think for “one minute” that they would pick him up instead.

He insisted that he was not ungrateful and understood they were trying to help, but reiterated he did not need saving.

Announcing the discovery of Larkin, local police said: “Locals observed how said hiker entered very early into an area of difficult access not suitable for travel and after several hours passed without him returning to the starting point, they alerted the agents who were at that time in the area searching for missing young man, Jay Slater.

“Tired and disoriented, he was located by the agents and the rescue team who helped him get out of the ravine.”

Today marks the tenth day of searching for the teenager, with teams focusing on three different areas - the Masca Gorge, La Vica, and Las Portelas, as well as the surrounding Masca area.

A “possible sighting” of him in the village of Santiago del Teide - which is around 7km from Masca - has now been shared online.

However, police have not confirmed any updates in the investigation.

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