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Viewers have celebrated the triple win for GB News at the TRIC awards today describing it as "fantastic!"

GB News Breakfast emerged victorious in the Best News Show category, Camilla Tominey won Interview of the Year for her chat with Alastair Stewart and Nigel Farage also won Presenter of the Year.

Commenting on the wins, Deana Moaning said: "So proud of GB News, stuck with you right from the beginning with shaky cameras and (very) dodgy sound, it was worth it. Well done to all those behind the scenes as well."

"Absolutely fantastic news that @GBNEWS have won no less than THREE TRIC Awards well deserved and proves telling the truth pays off," said Keith Cook.

Jack Jones said: "Well done GB viewers, give yourselves a pat on the back also," while Judith Court said: "Congratulations to all who won, well done."

Another fan said: "See Camilla Won also for her interview with the Brilliant Alistair Stewart, oh how the Channel miss him. Well done Camilla, see you can win awards for letting the guests speak and listening to them answering your questions."

Other viewers congratulated the Breakfast team saying: "Congratulations to the Breakfast news teams, Nigel, Camilla, GBNews staff and the loyal viewers for getting the Tric awards."

Paul Farrow said: "Definitely going to the corner shop to buy some beers. I'm going to celebrate all the lefties having a bad day at the Trics awards and England winning tonight."

Other fans celebrated Nigel's win stating: "The crown for Nigel again!! The Sneering sour crowd NO MATCH for Nigel!! We love him and we hate the Woke lefty Lovies!!"

"Fantastic news about GB news Tric awards🤗I voted for all 3 & am stoked. My hubby & I have watched GB news since day 2 & seen it grow. Keep up the great work & exposing woke nonsense," another fan said.

Vicki Butterworth commented: "Congratulations to all the winners on GBN today. Stuff the establishment. At least we can get a say !!"

A final supporter said: "Wow! Such support and so many made effort to vote, GB News should be proud!"

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