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A postman appeared to vandalise Reform UK leaflets with the word "racists" before posting them through two doors.

Footage shared online seems to show the postman using a marker pen to scribble on the pamphlet.

An image published by one homeowner shows the word "racists" had been written across the Reform UK leaflet while another was torn in half.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "We are aware of the video and are conducting immediate enquiries.

"It’s our priority to ensure all candidate mail is delivered with the same, high level of service."

Responding to the footage, Farage said: "I hope that Royal Mail are taking this matter very seriously."

The video has triggered anger online with some insisting the incident is a "very, very serious offence".

One user wrote: "Royal Mail caught subverting the democratic process. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse for them."


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Another user who says he is a Royal Mail employee said: "This is a very, very serious offence".

A third said: "I am shocked at this alleged member of staff defacing leaflets on a service you offer."

A Reform UK spokesman said they would "expect the police to show some interest" in the footage also.

"This video and picture appear to show blatant criminal damage by a Royal Mail employee in an attempt to interfere with the democratic process," they told The Express.

"The Royal Mail should have no problem identifying him and taking disciplinary action and we would expect the police to show some interest as well."

The latest poll JL Partners shows Reform dropping to 15 per cent, while the Tories increased 25 per cent.

Labour remains on 41 per cent and the Liberal Democrats are up to 11 per cent.

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