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Princess Anne is expected to stay in hospital for "the rest of the week" as she recovers from a horse-related injury, it has been claimed.

The Princess Royal suffered "minor head injuries and concussion" on Sunday evening during a walk around her Gatcombe Park estate.

In a statement released on Monday, Buckingham Palace said the sister of King Charles "remains in Southmead Hospital as a precautionary measure for observation" and is expected to "make a full and swift recovery".

They assured that King Charles and the Royal Family had been "informed" of Princess Anne's condition.

Speaking to GB News, the Editor at the Mail on Sunday claimed that the Princess's memory loss of the incident is a "cause for concern", as she can make "no recollection of what happened to her".

Griffiths also claimed that Anne was "on her own" when the accident occurred, but her husband Timothy Laurence accompanied her to the hospital.

Discussing the incident with hosts Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce, Griffiths revealed: "It's kind of worrying, because she just can't really remember what happened. And she was completely alone in the field.

"She was at the estate and she's known to take evening strolls to check on her horses alone. It's obviously something she does regularly, but I dread to think how long she was there on her own. I hope she wasn't there on her own unconscious - she was maybe kicked by a horse."

Sharing the latest on Princess Anne's condition after spending another day in hospital, Griffiths claimed that she could be staying at the Southmead Hospital "for the rest of the week".


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Reacting to the latest on Princess Anne, Andrew noted: "Concussion can have all sorts of complicating factors - the fact she can't remember what happened should be cause for concern."

Agreeing with Andrew, Griffiths responded: "I think really concerning. It's actually not the first time she's been concussed before - back in the 70s, she said the whole day was gone, she had an accident while she was on horseback.

"She's going to be in for the whole week, which suggests that they are taking this very seriously, although they did say she's expected to make a full recovery."

Expressing her concern for the Princess, Bev highlighted that although the Palace hopes for a "swift recovery", post-traumatic amnesia is "very significant".

Bev told GB News: "I really hope it isn't swift, actually, because any sort of post-traumatic amnesia with a head injury would suggest that it was fairly significant. You'd like to think they wouldn't rush her back to work."

Detailing how hard-working the Princess Royal is, Griffiths admitted that she believes the Palace "won't rush her" back to duties.

Griffiths said: "I'm sure they won't, but she is so fundamental. She did 30 per cent of this year's royal engagements earlier this year. The Japan state visit today, it's actually really important. There's a lot of pressure on this event.

"It's going to be really worrying for them that she's not there - obviously they're worried about her health, but they just they needed her there."

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