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Nigel Farage was booed by the sneering industry at the TRIC awards on Tuesday as he was presented with the Presenter of the Year award.

Appearing on stage, Farage said: "It's like the crowd at a wrestling event, really. I notice much less hostility than we had last year."

Farage continued: "And just think about it- GB News Breakfast has won, the Camilla Tominey interview with Alastair Stewart has won.

"And I've won for a second year in a row as news presenter of the year, and that says to you that GB News is now here to stay as a mainstream broadcast in this country and thank goodness for that."

At that point, audience members began to boo the presenter to which he responded: "Well, no, those that boo clearly don't like competition."

It was the third win of the awards for GB News as Camilla Tominey won Interview of the Year for her chat with Alastair Stewart and GB News Breakfast emerged victorious in the Best News Show category.

Farage then thanked GB News viewers and listeners and also thanked his campmates in I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

He continued: "Sadly, my TV career has been somewhat curtailed because I have another mission coming up on the 4th of July."

"But thank you everybody!" he concluded.

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