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Conspiracy theories and online speculation surrounding the disappearance of British teenager Jay Slater have been slammed by TV presenter Adil Ray.

Slater's whereabouts remain a mystery after he left a music festival with two men last Monday and drove to the other side of the island.

The following morning, Slater is believed to have called a friend saying he was lost and "thirsty", with just one percent battery on his phone before he attempted to walk back to his accommodation - a journey that would've taken 11 hours on foot.

He hasn't been seen since and his friends and family have joined local police and other emergency services in conducting a search on the island.

New CCTV images emerged this week appearing to show Slater in the Spanish town of Santiago Del Teide prior to his disappearance.

Discussing this on Tuesday morning, Ray and fellow presenter Susanna Reid asked the reporter in the town, Mel Barham, for the latest.

During their discussion, Reid mentioned: "There have been some pretty unsettling background chatter targeted at the family that they've had to talk about, haven't they?"

Correspondent Barham replied: "Yeah, that's right. This, as you say, has caught the attention of a lot of people back home - lots of armchair detectives having their say on social media.

"Of course, a lot of that chatter has been very unhelpful in this search, but some of that has been downright abusive.

"Jay's family have talked about how difficult that online trolling has been on them at a time when they are just so desperate to have any news on Jay and of course every day that goes past without any news on Jay is just adding to their turmoil."

The likes of Facebook, TikTok and X have all been rife with unfounded theories from people in the UK who've questioned several aspects of the case.

Mum-of-three Reid shared her anguish at the scenario, turning to Ray after the report from Barham to say: "It is an utter mystery. As the mother of a teenager, three boys, it is your worst nightmare.

"The call comes through, 'My phone's about to die, I don't know where I am.' And once that phone battery's gone, it's obviously impossible to trace him. Honestly, what on earth?"

Ray then weighed in to make his thoughts clear on the conspiracies circulating online, hitting out: "And all the speculation and conspiracy theories, that must be really terrible for the family.

"It must be really hard. Suddenly your son's loss becomes everyone else's property," the GMB presenter said.

Ray and Reid aren't the only public figures to have shared their thoughts on the search for Slater as former Coronation Street actor Vicky Entwistle revealed she held familial ties with the missing teen.


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Entwistle took to her X page last week to plead with fans to keep Slater in their prayers after revealing he is the grandson of her godmother.

She also admitted she was "confident" in the search for the teenager after her brother, who is currently in Barcelona, provided an update from Spain.

However, yesterday Entwistle sparked concern that she may no longer use social media to voice her updates with a cryptic post.

Entwistle appeared to announce she'd be taking a step back from the social media platform after garnering newfound attention for her posts about Slater.

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