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Barack Obama's half sister Auma Obama was teargassed by police during an interview in Kenya as demonstrations turned violent.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Nairobi to protest against a new tax bill proposal.

The bill would see the introduction of new taxes, including an eco-levy that would raise the price of period products and nappies.

Another proposal to tax bread was removed following public outcry.

During heated demonstrations, the former US president's sister got caught up in the violence and was tear-gassed in the middle of a live interview with CNN.

Footage shows Obama answering a question before billows of smoke begin pouring from behind them.

She then starts to cough and is moved to the side of the road where she sits down.

Speaking after the incident, she said: "I can't believe that these young people are just trying to demonstrate for their rights.


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"And we're being teargassed, we have flags and banners and nothing else. It's the Kenyan flag, how can you teargas your own people - listen to them.

"Listen to these children, they are the future. They are 80 per cent of our population, if they decided to turn against us, they can and that is what they're doing now."

There have been protests at every reading of the bill, with today seeing the most violent demonstrations, during the third and final reading.

Following the bill's approval, the parliament compound was breached and fires were lit inside the building.

Police opened fire at protestors trying to storm Kenya's legislature, which killed at least five demonstrators.

One paramedic said more than 50 people had been wounded by gunfire.

Ambassadors and high commissioners in Kenya from countries including Britain, the United States and Germany said in a joint statement that they were deeply concerned by violence.

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