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Glastonbury headliner Dua Lipa reportedly suffered a horrific ordeal during her rehearsals after a TikTok star broke into the studios in Birmingham where she was working through her set.

It is said that the intruder walked onto the site and tried to get into the rehearsal space, later sharing their act on social media causing her security team to put her set on lockdown whilst they were evacuated from the site.

A source told The Sun: "Dua has been working so hard for the past few days to perfect her set for Glastonbury. Her team saw off this person when they arrived on site on Friday.

"They made a total prat of themselves by trying to film and it was all rather embarrassing. Some of Dua’s team spoke to them and asked them to clear off. She was inside so luckily missed all the hullabaloo.

"Nothing is going to knock her off course this weekend. Dua can’t wait to show Glastonbury what she has been working on.”

The breach comes after act Caity Baser told naysayers who slammed the 2024 line-up "Don't go then" and slapped down the comments made towards the headline acts.

She told the Metro: "Don’t go then. Why do you care? I have never looked at a line-up for a festival and gone 'Oh that s**t'. I don’t care [who is playing] like I’m going to go and enjoy.

"Also, Sza, what? She’s been my number-one listened-to artist since I was like 12. I love her so much! And Coldplay? What do you mean? It’s Shania Twain. What more do you want?"

The Pretty Boys hitmaker added: "People need to chill out and I guarantee you when they’re there they’ll go 'aw that was sick'. What’s all the fuss about?"

Dua Lipa, Coldplay, SZA, and Shania Twain are headlining the five-day festival, whilst the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Little Simz, 80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper, Keane, Burna Boy, PJ Harvey, Paloma Faith and Disclosure are also set to perform.

Lipa recently revealed that when she was working on her first album back in 2017, she drew up a dream board and headlining Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage on a Friday night was one of them.

She recently shared: "I got asked to headline Glastonbury in November 2022. It was towards the end of my Future Nostalgia tour. I was ready. It feels reassuring to have a few songs under my belt that I think will really get people moving... I think everything happened at this moment at Glastonbury.

"I’ve just been dreaming about this my whole life. I started thinking about the setlist in January. What songs I was going to sing, how one was going to trip on to the other, how many acts the show was going to be, what story I was trying to tell.

"How much dancing is involved, which is a lot, like with any of my shows. We went full out. We started rehearsing the second I had any free time. For me, what gives me the most peace is knowing that I’ve done the most amount of work in rehearsal I could have possibly done.


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"I want to feel everything. I just want people to have the most amount of fun possible. I want to make sure it’s non-stop, relentless fun."

She went on to joke that she doesn't know how she will ever top her headlining Glastonbury and added: "It’s just my biggest dream. I don’t really know where I’m going to go afterwards. Maybe I’ll quit? Joking, joking. I’m joking".

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