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British Airways has suspended two members of cabin crew after they mocked the weight of a stewardess.

The airline took swift action after being made aware of the cruel treatment, with hurtful remarks made in a group WhatsApp containing staff members.

The target of the jibes was said to have become aware of the comments when a concerned colleague showed them what was being said behind her back.

So upset was the stewardess by the comments, she was left scared of going into work.

"The poor victim of the merciless fat jokes has been left utterly bereft," a source told The Sun.

"She had no idea her colleagues had such disdain for her.

"The cruel comments left her scared to leave the house. She felt victimised.

"This was repugnant bullying."

BA removed the staff members responsible for the jokes from flight rotas in order to investigate.

It is claimed that other members of the WhatsApp group are also under investigation by the airline.

It is thought that the two members of staff could be sacked if found to have committed wrong-doing.

British Airways said in a statement: “We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and always fully investigate any allegations brought to our attention.”

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