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Former United States Army officer Lieutenant Daniel Davis has warned that the US and Ukraine have "no defence" against Russia's latest hypersonic Zircon missiles, as Putin's invasion continues.

This comes as Putin's recent visit to North Korea to meet with leader Kim Jong-un sparked fresh security concerns amongst the West and its allies.

Speaking to GBN America, Davis revealed that the Zircon missiles have "significant capabilities" when used, and there is currently "no defence" to protect nations against them.

In a discussion with host Mark Dolan, Davis explained: "They have significant capabilities because there's not many.

"As best as I'm aware, from talking to some well-known experts, there is no defence against those hypersonic missiles right now."

Noting the rapid growth of "offence" technology and weaponry in comparison to "defence" technology, Davis warned that "any nation" could be at risk of a lack of security against the missiles.

Davis told Mark: "Really, for anybody, any nation right now, the technology for defence hasn't caught up to the technology for offence so far.

"And so those missiles can penetrate our defence systems."

However, Davis also highlighted that the West and its allies do possess the missile technology which "cannot be intercepted" by its target.


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Davis claimed: "Frankly, it's nothing that's really new, per se, because all sides - China, Russia, the United States, several in Europe already have missiles that are fast enough that can't be intercepted.

"So it doesn't necessarily represent a new threat, but it is something that is in a new category within that threat."

Noting the possibility of escalating tensions following fresh mention of "nuclear war" between the East and West, Davis continued: "That means that you have to take things seriously.

"Because if things get sideways and we start even talking about nuclear war, which would be absurd, we have to understand that if the missiles like that are fired against us, we don't have good defences to stop them."

Turning the conversation to Joe Biden's efforts to protect the US, Davis discussed Putin's most recent military exercises and revealed that the American military is "shadowing them".

Davis told GBNA: "He [Putin] just doesn't like the Biden administration. It's right off the Florida coast, he's going to be kind of angsty about it.

"If they're in international waters, they have a legal right to be there. What we have done is we've sent some of our ships out to shadow them.

"So beyond that, I really don't think there's anything else that could be done."

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