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A teenager who stabbed a 15-year-old in 'full view' of a group of school children has been sentenced to life.

Alfie Lewis, was stabbed to death by Bardia Shojaeifard in the Horsforth area of Leeds on November 7, last year.

Shojaeifard, who can now legally be named for the first time, was convicted following a unanimous verdict by a jury at the conclusion of his trial at Leeds Crown Court on May 3.

Today, Shojaeifard, who was 14 at the time of the murder, was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 13 years.

Shojaeifard had admitted stabbing Lewis with a 13cm-long kitchen knife he had brought from home but denied murder, claiming he was scared for his life when he pulled out the weapon.

Lewis was attacked at the junction of Church Road and Church Lane, in Horsforth near a primary school.

He was stabbed twice - once in the chest and once in the leg - with the chest wound penetrating his heart and causing catastrophic bleeding. He was pronounced dead at hospital a short time later.

Eyewitnesses, including children, school staff and passing members of the public, gave evidence at the trial that they had seen Shojaeifard approach Lewis and attack him without provocation.

They reported seeing Lewis backing away and being heard saying "chill out" and "what are you doing?" as Shojaeifard swung at him with the knife.

After fleeing the scene, he was arrested from his home about an hour later after being identified by witnesses.

Justice Cotter said people would be wondering how a young boy "from a loving and supportive family" could commit such an "extraordinary" crime "without forewarning or any warning signs save for some pictures of knives on his phone."

The judge told the sentencing hearing that outwardly, Shojaeifard was a normal 14-year-old boy with no interest in crime, albeit with a poor school disciplinary record. The court heard he had no interest in drugs, gangs or mental health issues.

Addressing the defendant directly as she read her victim impact statement in court, Lewis' mother Heather Lane said: "No sentence will ever be enough for what you have done. I will never, ever forgive you. Alfie was my heart and when he was stabbed in the heart it killed me too."

She described him as her "big-hearted boy" who was known for "sorting out everyone’s problems and being the peacekeeper...We laughed, danced and smiled, we loved each other for 15 years and I thought we would for the rest of my life."

Nicholas Lumley KC, defending, said the crime was "out of character" and that Shojaeifard was the son of "utterly decent, loving parents."

The judge said: "Alfie was a much loved and loving son and nephew, a friend to many – kind and big-hearted with a love of football, something you shared, you even played together in Year 5.

"Despite his difficulties at school he had many positive qualities. He had a long life ahead of him and you took that away."

He added: “Knives have stolen so many lives, and you and others must understand how dangerous this obsession is. Without your interest in knives Alfie would be here today."

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Atkinson said: "Shojaeifard targeted Alfie in a premeditated and planned attack using murderous violence to end his young life, for which there can be no excuse or justification.

"His actions have robbed Alfie of his future and left his family and friends absolutely devastated. No sentence will ever compensate them for their loss.

"Shojaeifard will have the rest of his life to reflect on the terrible pain and heartache that his violent actions have caused Alfie’s family."

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