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The world’s largest airline pilot union has been accused of woke after suggesting airmen and women stop using terms offensive to both women and LGBT+ individuals.

A number of terms have been perceived as non-inclusive, including “cockpit” and “flight deck”.

Air Line Pilots Association, which covers 70,000 pilots around the world, claimed it collaborates with a United Nations agency on its policies.

A diversity, equity and inclusion language guide released in 2021 claimed that the ALPA lists numerous terms and phrases to avoid.

It intended to focus on removing “masculine generalisations” that could be considered non-inclusive.

The guide said: “Inclusive language in communications is essential to our union’s solidarity and collective strength and is an important factor in maintaining flight safety.

“The purpose of this language guide is to offer examples of terms and phrases that promote inclusion and equity.”

It added: “Many women have heard a variation of ‘It is called a cockpit for a reason’ by a male pilot, suggesting that women do not belong in the piloting profession.”

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However, the term “cockpit” appears to have originated from cockfighting in 16th-century England.

The guide also called for the words “man” and men” to be avoided, suggesting the use of “people power” over “manpower”.

ALPA even advised against using “mother/father”, claiming that phrasing could alienate “different family structures, such as grandparents as caregivers, same-sex parents,” among others.

Similarly, “husband/wife” and “boyfriend/girlfriend” should be avoided since the phrases could ignore same-sex couples.

The decision taken by airlines to adopt DEI agendas has also sparked a backlash.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby faced criticism after a resurfaced video showed him boasting about the company’s diversity initiatives.

However, Kirby said the company has committed to ensuring 50 per cent of their graduating pilot classes will be women or people of colour, up from 19 per cent in 2023.

Center for Security Policy Senior Analyst J Michael Waller said: “He can always set a good example and resign immediately, leaving his high-paid position, salary, bonuses and stock options to someone more diverse.”

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