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James Bond fans were left stunned after Kim Kardashian pitched the idea that she could be the first "female 007", with many quickly pleading with producer Barbara Broccoli to say no.

The identity of the next 007 remains unconfirmed despite reports that Avengers and Bullet Train star Aaron Taylor-Johnson had been offered the role.

Broccoli's Eon Productions insisted it doesn't comment on speculation, but a source in the know told BBC News there is "no truth in the rumours" - with the race now wide open once again.

Kardashian has fancied her chances at becoming the first female 007 and spoke about the prospects in a recent episode of The Kardashians.

The 43-year-old found her passion for acting when she starred in American Horror Story and has since been visiting studios around Los Angeles to pitch a romantic comedy that had been written for her.

During the episode, she visited five different major studios and pitched the movie - which is titled The Fifth Wheel - but kept her excitement to a minimum as she explained she didn't want things to fall through.

She explained to her agents and studio producers that "unless we’re going to be the biggest commercial movie and have the best cast and break the internet," she wouldn't be able to give it her all.

After her final pitch of the day, she joined her lifelong friends Allison Statter, Zoe Winkler, Simone Harouche and Sarah Meyer Michaelson for dinner, where she discussed her upcoming project.

She explained that the studio executives had all loved the idea and elected to go with Netflix, which tends to offer more money upfront, as there won't be a chance to make any performance-based bonuses since the film will only be available on the streaming service.

The reality royal then went on to joke that she could do one film per year going forward, as she noted she only has 10 years left in her where she will look good on screens.

Statter then teased Kardashian could be the first "female 007", leaving the Skims creator to approve: "Instead of a Bond girl, it should be Bond boys. That would be epic."

She added that she "loved the idea" of being a female Bond - but many fans were not impressed and pleaded that she get the idea out of her head.

In response to one report, one unimpressed fan said: "Oh God please no …. Please don’t WOKE 007. Haven’t they learnt from Dr Who? It’s the quickest way to destroy a franchise. Surely Hollywood is not THAT stupid??"

"Keep on dreaming," another quipped before a third stated: "007... comedy gold."


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"Seriously 007! Oh my days, that's the biggest laugh of the day....well so far!," someone else slammed.

Not all the reaction was negative, as one praised: "Feel like Kim Kardashian could be a really great actress for some reason. Movies in mind: her in a new James Bond. She'd be perfect for those roles." (sic)

The identity of Craig's replacement remains a mystery for now, despite him announcing his departure from the franchise in 2019.

Most recently, it's been One Day star Leo Woodall who has emerged as a possible candidate to take over the role according to bookmakers.

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