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Former US Housing Secretary Ben Carson is concerned about the “crazy” trans lobby influence in America and the current rate at which children across the country are transitioning

Speaking on GBN America, Carson claimed history will judge our time period unwisely due to the growing trend of gender transitions.

He told Steve Edginton that parents are being “removed from the equation” when it comes to their children’s upbringing.

Asked about “attacks on parental rights” when it comes to children transitioning, Carson said: “Lets put it this way. When fertilisation occurs, the brain starts developing immediately.

“It continues developing right up until your mid-20s.

“That’s the reason parents are there, to protect children during their vulnerable periods.


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“If parents are removed from that equation, sharks are out there who have other alternatives, all the other motives.

“We place children at a great disadvantage. That’s what is happening.

“A lot of those children who have been involved in these transition programs commit suicide and there have been severe bouts of depression and anxiety.

“We’re not doing them any favours. I think at some point, we will come to realise and look back at these people and say they were crazy.”

Children identifying as different genders is a topic of contention in America and it came to the fore last year when a federal appeals court ruled that a group of parents could not challenge a Maryland school district’s policy against telling parents if their children identify as transgender or gender nonconforming.

The policy was adopted by the Montgomery County Board of Education for the 2020-2021 school year.

It permitted schools to develop gender support plans for students to ensure they “feel comfortable expressing their gender identity”.

U.S. Circuit Judge Paul Niemeyer, an appointee of Republican former President George H.W. Bush, hit out at the majority's conclusion, saying it was "an unfortunate abdication of judicial duty with respect to a very important constitutional issue”.

"The issue of whether and how grade school and high school students choose to pursue gender transition is a family matter, not one to be addressed initially and exclusively by public schools without the knowledge and consent of parents," he wrote.

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