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Britons have been told to prepare for "increasingly hot" weather heading into July as a dour spring and unseasonably cold June finally comes to a close.

Long-range forecasts from the Met Office for Sunday onwards have much of the UK pencilled in for more clement climes after summer officially gets underway tomorrow, with "increasingly warm" temperatures making way for even hotter conditions across the country.

And while it looks like earlier predictions of 26C in cities like London, Leeds and Manchester have been reined in somewhat, next week is still nicely set up for warm weather across the board.

Data from forecasters at MetDesk has temperature maps in the UK turning yellow with flashes of orange as the week continues, with 24C-or-more hotspots in major cities pock-marking a pleasant average of just under 20C nationwide.

While short-range forecasts from the Met Office currently set Britain on a course for "very warm sunshine" and a "mostly fine" weekend despite some isolated showers.

And save for some torrential downpours over the Irish Sea, the south of Ireland and parts of West Wales, the early stages of next week are looking clear and dry from Sunday through to the early hours of Thursday across the UK.

Met Office weather maps paint a similar picture, with much of England and Wales slated for temperatures in the low 20s - though much of Scotland and Northern Ireland will have to wait a little longer to break the 20C barrier.

The Met Office has predicted "predominantly fine and settled" weather up to July 2, with "much of the country turning much warmer than we have seen in recent weeks" in what will be a major boost for venues across England and Scotland as Euro fever sets in.


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The forecaster's long-range predictions continue: "At first some thicker cloud could bring some outbreaks of mostly light rain, this mainly affecting western, especially northwestern areas.

"However for most it will be dry throughout, and likely to turn increasingly warm as we move into next week.

"There is a chance that this could persist for much of the rest of the period, turning increasingly hot, however by mid-next week we see a large range of outcomes, some of which allow for a return of much cooler conditions and northerly winds for the latter part of next week.

"However the trend toward much warmer conditions is preferred for now."

The Met Office forecast for July 3 and onwards remains vaguer - as is the nature of longer-term predictions - but it does indicate that temperatures are more likely "to be above average than below".

And for any English and Scottish fans abroad and revelling in the football festivities in Germany, temperatures are set to skyrocket as the month progresses.

A Scotland victory against Switzerland tonight - despite their opening-day pasting at the hands of the hosts - would stand them in good stead for a berth in the last 16.

If that comes to pass, the Tartan Army could well be looking at a positively sweltering day out; Scotland fans could be bracing for country-wide temperatures of more than 30C across Germany.

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