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Diddly Squat's Kaleb Cooper took to his social media account today and shared a worrying picture from the fields of Jeremy Clarkson's farm, just one day after Clarkson's own update.

The Clarkson's farm team has been up against the ever-changing British weather recently which has left their crops in a spot of bother.

The former Top Gear presenter runs his farm with the help of Cooper, girlfriend Lisa Hogan, Charlie Ireland and a whole team of dedicated workers who want the best for the land and animals.

Amazon Prime snapped up Clarkson and his series soon became one of the UK's most popular farming shows in recent years, with three successful seasons already being made and a fourth in the early stages of filming.

The team come up against various challenges when running the farm on a daily basis, but they have recently had to deal with natural forces causing havoc.

Cooper recently took to his Instagram story and posted an image of the front of his tractor, pointed towards two mud trails filled with water - he captioned the image: "Great year we have had."

His worrying update comes just one day after Clarkson gave an insight of his own into the state of their fields, and posted an aerial view of them.

He wrote: "It’s going to be a rough year. All that seed sowed, drowned with the constant rain."

Despite the worrying weather, it seems this won't stop the team from filming their fourth series, something which Clarkson recently revealed to his large following.

The official Diddly Squat Instagram account shared an image of the crew's vast collection of walkie-talkies on charge ready for another day of filming, and was accompanied by a caption which read: "Another day, in the can. S4."

Fans were sent into a meltdown over the update but despite their excitement were quick to plead with the Grand Tour presenter to make more episodes for each season.

One urged: "Can you please make more than 8 episodes for season 4?"

"Bl**dy hurry up with it, then. And make it 20 episodes long...Best thing on TV," a second echoed before a third added: "So excited for season 4! We need more episodes this time though please."

A fourth agreed: "I agree with everyone in this comment section when they say more episodes in the next season and definitely a Christmas episode please and thank you."


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"I could watch 10 seasons of your show Jezza. Fantastic programme," a fifth praised.

A sixth suggested: "Make more episodes or drop one 2 hr episode every week." (sic)

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