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Workers Party of Britain leader George Galloway has said there are “no fairy tales” in its election manifesto that was launched today.

Asked if commitments to free travel for children and lowering the retirement age amounted to a “fairytale wish-list”, he told GB News: “No. As a matter of fact, until a year and a half ago, it was a 60 retirement age in France, that well known revolutionary socialist economy.

“You used to be able to retire at 60 in France. Soon it will be 70 in Britain, and in France, there's a general election at the end of this month, and my equivalent in France is promising a return to the age of 60.

“Free travel for children on our buses will be a good thing, would it not? It would keep our children safe. It would occupy seats that are otherwise empty. Free bus travel for children is the norm in some areas but not in others.

“We think it should be a national service. So there's no fairy tales involved here.

“I’ll tell you what the fairy tale is, that we spend £12,000 per minute of every day of every week of every month of every year on nuclear weapons.

“Go and ask the people whether they'd rather have free travel for their kids, be able to see a GP, get a medical appointment at the hospital or any of the other things in our manifesto, or blow it on nuclear weapons.”

On the party’s policy on immigration, Galloway said: “The Royal Navy's principal purpose and duty is to defend the shores of His Majesty's realm, but they're not doing so.

“They're in every sea except our own sea and they are not involved in turning back illegal departures from France, illegal arrivals in England which then cost £80 a night per person and potentially forever to the British taxpayer.

“We've got all these Royal Navy assets. The problem is they've deployed everywhere except to defending our own shores.”

Asked if it would be a win for Gaza if he got elected, he said: “It would be a win for peace, but yes, it would be a win for Gaza.

“I know you don't give a damn about Gaza as is evident from the contempt dripping in your voice with that question, but I assure you that millions of people in Britain care about the little children and their mothers being torn apart in Gaza and many of them are prepared to vote to show it.”


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